Colton "issvor" Leach


Hey, this is just me taking advantage of the server provider I'm using, so don't expect anything special here.

My original screenname was "_-CoCoPuff-_" for ~3-4 years and i used it for everything, but when Skyrim came out I wanted something that didn't sound so queer. I looked up random RPG name generators and found "Issvor" and stuck with it ever since. You'll sometimes see me go by "wcyd".

I finally moved away from CS:GO. I just casually play it, now. Link to my configs. I kinda moved over to Reflex, but most of the time it's just me dueling ckap and he's way too good so I don't have any fun.

I usually make two types of youtube videos: COD edits (with a hint of cs:go) and CS:GO compilations. Sadly it took three years for me to become decent at editing, so I only have a few videos that are worth-while, but I still enjoy doing it.

I enjoy photography and messing around with Photoshop, especially since I'm almost completely self taught. I currently have a Nikon D60 (got it as a graduation gift) and love just taking random pictures of anything with it. I post a lot of pictures to Instagram, some that aren't included in my portfolio.

If you're truly curious about my VAC ban, it was from me hosting modded lobbies on Modern Warfare 2. Lame and over-used excuse, and I know I can't prove that I wasn't cheating, but it's true.


Thanks to ckap for being a bro and hooking me up with a server and putting up with me.
Thanks to kinky for helping me out a lot with editing.
Thanks to Dystopia for showing me everything there is to COD and some secret CS:GO tricks.


If you need to get into contact with me for any reason, add me on Steam.

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